When I first started reading comic books I only had two – The Fantastic Four Treasury Edition and Famous 1st Edition All Star Comics with the Justice Society of America. But I was immediately hooked, deeply inspired, and have been drawing ever since.

My first paid gig was at a comic book convention in Delaware doing quick sketches of characters for table credit. By then I had discovered and studied some of the masters: Kirby, Buscema, Byrne and Adams.

Sequential art  lead to fantasy illustrations and finally to art school. I graduated a year early from Maryland Institute College of Art, one of the best art colleges in the country, and was honored at the Juried Undergraduate Show.

Since then I have accumulated a wealth of different life experiences and been exposed to many different disciplines, both artistic and otherwise. As an artist I incorporate my experiences and knowledge into the work I do. I have created illustrations, drawings, paintings, and animations for a variety of industries – gaming, entertainment, education, and technology – always doing my best to help my clients realize their visions. I both value and enjoy my role as part of a team that gets the job done, and done well.

Clients I have worked with:
Universal Studios
Trike Communications
Rocket Communications
Trailerpark/Creative Domain
Casto Travel
Year of the Film